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The imposing palace, of eighteenth century origin, is located in front of the Collegiate Church of Saints Stephen and Niccolao. Once it reached the Piazza degli Obizzi, but later a portion (according to Enrico Coturri) had been purchased by a branch of the Cecchi family, who had made it a beautiful independent building. This was the documented situation (as it can be seen in the reproduction) also by the Cadastre of Pescia in 1873, when the Senator of the Kingdom Leopoldo Galeotti was still alive, man of law and important politician both in the Grand Ducal Tuscany and in the stages of unification and also in the first two decades of the Kingdom of Italy and when he died 1884, as a merit citizen, he left all the its assets to the Municipality, allowing the establishment of an 'Opera Pia Galeotti' (which still today is based in the Palace and assists among other students with scholarships) and organization in the vast premises of the Palace both of the Municipal Library, and of a Civic Museum - Pinacoteca with various collections and works of art also coming from suppressed religious bodies, donations and loans. The Civic Museum, opened at the end of the nineteenth century by Minister Ferdinando Martini, consists of several collections (paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, art objects, documents and memories of the place) coming from the municipal territory, state deposits (first of all, the Uffizi, which have works at the museum of Pescia since the beginning of the XX century), donations of merit citizens. In its latest public configuration, the eighteenth-century palace Galeotti hosted the municipal art collections named after Carlo Magnani, with paintings of Tuscan school from the XIV to the XVI century (including a triptych of Lorenzo Monaco and an Annunciation by Maria di Neri di Bicci), sculptures and tapestries. In addition to this, there are the oldest pictorial works (Lorenzo Monaco, Neri di Bicci, Agostino del Ceraiolo) and the works of the Ansaldi collection.

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