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The Emma Perodi municipal library has been part of the REANET Cooperation Network since 1996, Libraries along the Elsa and Arno.

The creation of a cooperation network has made it possible to achieve the best possible exploitation of the documentary heritage of the individual participating libraries thanks to operational tools such as the collective catalog and interlibrary loan.

The collective catalog can be consulted at the address reanet.comune.empoli.fi.it where bibliographic data come together in cumulative mode from the individual libraries. In this way, the user of the library can identify the location of the document they want and request a loan from their library or, through it, get it from one of the libraries belonging to the network.

The local section of the library is very important for documentation and research on the territory. This collects various types of publications on Cerreto Guidi and its territory and on people and figures related to the city in various ways. A particular space is given to the documentation of our rich artistic heritage and to the collections of works and artefacts that enrich the Medici Villa.

The library also holds three other collections: the 'Perodi Fund' which collects books and articles on the writer from Cerreto, a small collection on Santi Saccenti and the 'Adriano Prosperi Fund' which offers a bibliography of the historian's works, many of his monographs and above all a large collection of extracts and articles.

The Emma Perodi library is also involved in the creation of promotional events for children and teenagers through reading aloud meetings and theatrical animations and educational activities aimed at adults, while on the occasion of particular projects or initiatives, showcases of new books are set up.

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