The birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci - Anchiano (FI) -

Divided between the birthplace, divided into three different rooms, and the adjoining farmhouse, the exhibition itinerary invites you to discover the places and scenarios that first inspired Leonardo's work. In the Birthplace there is the audio-visual narration Leonardo in Vinci: a genius narrates himself and uses modern three-dimensional technology to revive Leonardo and his most intimate and personal universe, which has remained in the shadows until today. Above all, the relationship between Leonardo and the territory of Vinci and Montalbano come back to life through the numerous drawings that unequivocally show his assiduous frequentation of those places. In the farmhouse adjacent to his birthplace, the section dedicated to the Last Supper, today the only visible wall painting by Leonardo, exhibits the high-definition digital reproduction of the work, projected on a wall in 1: 2 scale. The technology used makes it possible to explore the painting through two search modes, a gestural one and a touch screen one. It is thus possible to activate various thematic paths such as the iconographic, historical-artistic one, as well as the one dedicated to restoration.

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