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Become an association in February 2013, Sipario Aperto ( 'Curtain open') of Landriano is a charity and voluntary organization that operates in the amateur, musical and dramatic theater sector.
There are theater workshops for children (4-12), teenagers (12-25) and adults (+25) registered.

The motto of the Association is 'Doing good by making smile ' and represents the spirit on which 'Sipario Aperto' bases its work, that is, the creation of theatrical performances that entertain the public and those who interpret them, with the aim of devolving part of the profit from charity to associations, charities, departments, foundations or missions.

Combining charity and theater is not easy, but this Association has succeeded, to bring joy and happiness to both the public and those in need.
To bring the joy of theater to Landriano and around the towns, to do good, to make people laugh and have fun and to create a space where anyone can be useful for the community, here is the'Sipario Aperto', open to all those who, in any way, they want to be part of it !!!

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Via Ortensie, 12


45.322370°, 9.286570°



Available every Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday

Wednesday and Sunday 21 - 23
Saturday 10 - 12


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P.IVA 01878590478

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