Santa Maria delle Grazie Church - Landriano (PV) -

The Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie has been a landmark of the town for centuries until it was finally demolished in 1858.

Its construction took place in times of plague and more precisely in 1485 (the same year in which the frescoes of the parish church were painted) by the will of the Landrian nobles and donated to the Dominican friars to preach there.

It stood between the present 'Castelletto delle Grazie' and the Shelter of the Sisters of Charity, in which there is still a chapel dedicated to Maria Bambini, right where the main altar of the church once stood.

Today only the keystone depicting San Pietro Martire remains in the church, now walled up in the courtyard of the church of San Vittore Martire.

The current '' Castelletto di Santa Maria delle Grazie '' , in Gothic style, was named in this way to recall and pass on to posterity the memory of the ancient church, which has now disappeared.

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