Saint Victor Maurus Church - Landriano (PV) -

It is a beautiful Lombard Gothic style church that dates back to 1392 since the previous building, dating back to at least 1122, was completely rebuilt.

The original façade has a portico in fake Gothic style, dating back to the renovation works of 1860.

The interior of the church is divided into three naves.
On the ceiling, in the keystones, you can see terracotta medallions with bas-reliefs depicting Sant'Ambrogio, Santa Caterina d'Alessandria, the blessing Christ, San Vittore on horseback and San Giovanni Battista.

The main altar dates back to 1700 and is in polychrome marble.
Inside there are two beautiful frescoes from 1485.

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Via San Vittore, 36


45.309756°, 9.260258°



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