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The Oratory of the 'Madonna del Canale' was built just outside the village of Uzzano Castello in the early 17th century.

The oratory, after a long period of neglect, was completely restored in 1991, thanks to the tenacity of a woman from Uzzano, Serina Lavoratti, who personally took care of raising the necessary funds.

The interior has a single nave, with a wooden gable roof and exhibits an altar on which the effigy of the Virgin in glory between Saints Jacopo and Martino is venerated; in the lower part of the fresco, you can see a view of the village of Uzzano.

On the altar, an 18th century marble ciborium. On the sides of the altar, two seventeenth-century paintings depicting Sant'Apollonia and Santa Margherita, close to the style of Alessandro Bardelli. The solemnity of the 'Madonna del Canale' is celebrated on 8 September each year.

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