Archpriesthood of Saints Jacob and Martin - Uzzano (PT) -

The Archpriesthood of Saints Jacopo and Martino was built between the twelfth and the thirteenth century as a branch of the Parish church of Saint Mary of Pescia.

It obtained the privilege of the baptismal font and in 1625, the church became a parish and after the birth of the bishopric of Pescia (1727), it was raised to the rank of archpriesthood.

It has undergone several changes but with a radical restoration carried out between 1890 and 1910 the building was more or less restored to its original appearance.

The interior has a single nave with a trussed ceiling. On the sides of the entrance there are two arcades of the choir, under which there is a cycle of fifteenth-century frescoes attributed to the school of Sodoma.

Under the portico on the left, in a niche, there is a statue of Sant'Antonio Abate by Giovanni della Robbia and the beautiful sixteenth-seventeenth-century marble baptismal font, with a finely carved wooden lid. Under the loggia on the right, a wonderful 13th century Romanesque stoup.

In the wall altar there is a beautiful fifteenth-century crucifix, called of 'the good-weather crucifix', because it seems that its uncovering is propitious for the summer. He is venerated by the local Confraternity of Mercy, which recognizes him as a patron since its foundation (1672).

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Piazza Santissimi Iacopo e Martino, 1


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