Fanny Villa - Uzzano (PT) -

The Fanny Villa, in some old postcard defined as a 'villino'' ('small villa'), was built in the early 1900s by the jurist Raffaello Lavoratti from Uzzano, a great hunting enthusiast, author of the first national law governing the subject, founder and president of the Hunters Society of Pescia and Uzzano.

The house was dedicated to his wife Fanny Bartolini. Lavoratti was a friend of the great composer Giacomo Puccini, with whom he shared a passion for woodcock shooting, and several times he hosted him at the villa. In one room, a fresco depicting the Master with his inseparable rifle is still visible today.

At the villa, in 1904 Fanny Bartolini, with the support of her husband, opened the first kindergarten of Uzzano, based on absolutely innovative educational criteria for the time. For example, teachers weren't even allowed to raise their voices with children, instead they had to be kind and patient.

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