Castellaccio Villa - Uzzano (PT) -

The Castellaccio Villa, an unknown treasure in the Tuscan hills, had the honor of hosting for a few months the great composer Giacomo Puccini, who composes the second and third acts of La Bohème right here.

It is located on the hills of Uzzano, in the Castellaccio area. It is surrounded by olive trees, cypresses and a large garden with a beautiful pool in the center where Puccini used to take a swim.

This place turned out to be the right environment to inspire him to continue his work, as evidenced by the two autographed writings he left on a wall: 'Finished 2nd act Bohème 23-7-1895' 'Finished 3rd act Bohème 18-9-1895 '.

The Castellaccio Villa, today Villa Anzilotti, is located along via delle Pille, which from Santa Lucia climbs towards Uzzano Castello.

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