The Leonardino - Monsummano Terme (PT) -

The Leonardino is a cultural, natural, and spiritual itinerary to discover the young Leonardo da Vinci.

It will be possible to go through the alleys, valleys, woodlands, and hills between Anchiano and Montevettolini, a unique experience through Leonardo's birthplace.

The idea of this itinerary originated from his first drawing dated 1473, with his handwritten note, 'I Santa Maria della Neve addì 5 daghosto 1473″ (5th August 1473, the day dedicated to Our Lady of the Snow).

The 2 itineraries: the high itinerary, about 17 km, and the low itinerary, about 19 km. Both are practicable in 5/6 hours on foot, and 2/3 hours by mountain bike. There is also the possibility to stop half way at San Baronto or Larciano, in order to make it suitable for families with children.

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