Trail No.30 - Grotta Giusti (PT) -

This circular route goes up to Monsummano Alto, continues east along the Montalbano ridge, descends to Montevettolini, and then returns to Monsummano Terme.The walk starts in the small square in front of the Grotta Giusti Spa, follows Via delle Terme then to the right into the fields. It skirts an abandoned farmhouse (Podere Valipona Alta). It then joins trail no. 32 (originating at the quarries) and climbs along the Geological Trail to a large tabernacle and a crossroads near the Podere alla Vergine.

From here, towards the left, trail no. 32 leads shortly to Monsummano Alto and then goes down towards the center of town. However, our trail continues to the right, first on a dirt road and then on an asphalt one. After passing C. Autore and the Poggio Tondo holiday farm complex, it climbs through the woods until crossing the ridge and joining trail no. 300.

The two trails run jointly along the Pistoia side of Mount Belvedere, to then descend towards Casa Ronconi (junction for Vinacciano Trail no. 17). Shortly afterward, it arrives at I Papi (Case Montirici), where we take the provincial road that connects Cantagrillo to Montevettolini. We turn left and walk along until reaching a curve near Case Rocchine.

We leave the asphalt road and the 300 path to take Via Case di Monte, a dirt road, to the right. Here, our route joins trail no. 26 (leading to Cecina and Castello di Larciano). The two trails begin to descend, after passing through the village of the same name and a stretch of wood. At the first intersection, we continue straight in an olive grove towards the Porcile Alto farm. Here, trail no. 26 bears left at a large electrical pole, while our trail continues to descend, ending on a dirt road that we take to the right. The road then becomes asphalt, bordering some aqueduct facilities and going to the bottom of the ravine near some houses. Here, our trail follows Via Fontana del Prefetto uphill to the right, and then Via Capanne di Roncone until it finally joins Via Bronzoli which takes us to the Madonna della Neve oratory near the village of Montevettolini.

From the oratory, the trail follows the paved road to the open space in front of Porta Barbacci on Montevettolini's north side. The trail continues downhill into an olive grove then bears sharply to the right and descends crossing Via Castelvecchio.

We walk along to the left for a few tens of meters. Then, we soon leave it to take a trail that branches off to the right and leads into a thick acacia wood. The narrow road with some large curves descends to Forra Belvedere, which we cross (by ford or taking the bridge) near a group of houses.

Go past the houses and proceed for about 100 m. on a dirt road. We then take Via delle Rave to the right uphill. When the road reaches a crossroads at the hilltop near Case Romani, we continue to the left on Via dei Romani and, at a curve further on, we take a dirt road to the left. Near an abandoned vineyard, we follow a narrow road that runs parallel to the fence of a villa, which ends on a paved stretch (Via Picasso) at the conclusion of which we find ourselves at the starting point.

DurationDuration2:36 ORE (5 Km/h)
Total LengthTotal Length13 KM
Road surfaceRoad surfacesterrato-asfaltato
Physical effortPhysical effort★★★★★
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