Guidi square by Mimmo Paladino - Vinci (FI) -

The little empty space between the tight streets of the Vinci castle was recently involved in a contemporary art project. In fact, the entrance to the Palazzina Uzzielli opens onto the square and it is the new exhibition space of the Leonardian Museum which is located at a certain distance from the historic site. The new Piazza Guidi redesigned by the artist Mimmo Paladino gives a new balance to the two-pole system. The symbolic charge of Leonardo's geometric shapes and the engravings of the universe by Mimmo Paladino inspired by the Renaissance polyhedron give shape to an unprecedented and evocative contemporary urban space that accompanies the visitor. The materials used are the limestone of the Apuan Alps, metal and glass, which blend perfectly with the landscape of Leonardo's land.

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