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Leo Lev square was born in 2019 and was dedicated to Prof. Carlo Pedretti (1928-2018), one of Leonardo's leading experts, very fond of the city that gave birth to the Renaissance Genius. The large space is enriched by the works of the architect Ruggiero who is the idealizer. The decorative flooring is inspired by Leonardo's Sala delle Asse of the Castello Sforzesco in Milan, while the spectacular fountain was designed together with Professor Pedretti and inspired by a Leonardo's project. Finally, there are also the 'skylines', four brass engravings that recall the four cities of the Tuscan master (Vinci, Florence, Milan and Amboise). The composition of the square stems from the creation of Ruggiero's work 'The core of the earth', for the Russian pavilion at Expo 2015. The theme was the arboreal interweaving of Leonardo's Sala delle Asse in the Sforza Castle which was to evoke, among other symbolisms, the bonds between the people in the room where the Moor welcomed delegations and ambassadors from foreign countries. A plot that he wanted to propose again in Vinci, whose name derives, it seems, from the intertwining of the vinco plant. The knots that Leonardo developed as an infinite interweaving and symbol of his 'Achademia'.

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