The holm hoak of Faltognano - Vinci (FI) -

Il leccio incantato che domina la Toscana

In a enchanted place, between roads and olive groves in Faltognano, there is the well-known holm oak, there for centuries. It stands in a splendid wood that leads from Faltognano to Santa Lucia, between flowery fields and abandoned villages. A place for a few, intimate and open to the horizon, the great tree and the bells that interrupt infinite silences make it magical. The holm oak of Faltognano is a monumental tree located near the church of Santa Maria Assunta. It has a trunk circumference of 4.60m and is 11m high, and it is 300 years old.

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Via Santa Maria, 61


43.797987°, 10.951061°



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