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'The Miniature' was born in 2014 when Gessica Mancini, founder of the association, had the idea of creating a crochet nativity scene. But it didn't end there, because over time new characters and new houses were added, and the miniature has taken on the similarities of Cerreto Guidi with his Villa Medicea. Today it also includes the monuments of Vinci, the city of Leonardo, for a total length of 30 meters hand-woven.

The crochet miniature by Cerreto Guidi is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, patience, handwork and creativity. It represents in the smallest details the Tuscan countryside, the town of Cerreto Guidi together with its Medici Villa, the castle of Vinci with the walls and the historic center of the city of Leonardo.

Its beauty and its extraordinary nature have attracted so many visitors that it has become a permanent installation that can be visited all year round.

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Only available upon reservation

Generally the miniature is open to the public at certain times of the year, in particular during the Christmas period, during the week of Easter, or during the events that take place in Cerreto Guidi such as the Isabella's Night in July, or the Palio in September. del Cerro with the celebrations of Santa Liberata.

Every extraordinary opening is communicated on the social networks Facebook and Instagram. During the closing periods it can be visited by appointment, just call or write a message to the contacts and they will be happy to welcome visitors.


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