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The Theatre was born under the star of a prestigious academy in Pescia, 'The Sharps'. A group of noble art enthusiasts who, moved by the love of opera, joined in a real expensive and risky enterprise. The Affiliates entrusted to the architect Giovanni Antonio Tani the project of the new theater that should have been built on the meadow of St. Francis near the Franciscan convent and gave him the burden of following the construction works that began on July 14, 1717 and ended about ten years later. The Theatre, a prestigious musical space, has undergone various changes over time:
- in 1756 the transformation of the gallery was carried out into fifteen stages which were then increased and arranged in five orders in 1795. In 1888 the safety exits, the lighting system and the furnishings were arranged. The renovation ended in 1889 and on May 10 of that year, the Theatre was finally inaugurated on the notes of 'Saffo', the most important opera by Giovanni Pacini, a citizen of Pescia, to whom he was titled the building. Due to a major financial and management crisis, the Theatre had to stop its activity and remained closed from 1907 to 1925, when it was given back to the population. But during the Second World War it suffered great damage during the withdrawal of the Germans and only in 1947 was restored. Then it became, from the mid- sixties, property of the municipality which during the eighties carried out important restoration works under the guidance of the architect Francesco Guerrieri. Its final reopening was on December 13, 1990.

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Piazza San Francesco, 9


43.904820°, 10.690240°



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