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The only contemporary insertion in the Garzoni Garden is the Collodi Butterfly House, a splendid greenhouse building made of stone and self-supporting crystal. As soon as you cross the threshold, you breathe a special atmosphere. The visitor is immersed in a beautiful exotic garden where every day some of the largest and most beautiful butterflies in the world, native to the tropical or equatorial areas, court each other, feed themselves on flowers and reproduce. A fascinating and enchanted place that combines flowers and geometries of the Baroque garden, the 'flying flowers' similar to butterflies, and the pure, luminous geometry of the structure that houses them. Here you can see all the stages of the development of the insect (egg, caterpillar, chrysalis and butterfly), observe the differences between daytime and nocturnal butterflies, (moths), understand how the colorful wings are useful to defend them, to hide or to become visible to a potential partner. Above all, we understand how nature can be modeled in a constructive way, reconstructing and preserving a delicate balance between various living forms. There are also educational paths. Children can learn a lot about the interdependence between plants and animals thanks to direct observation and information that can be obtained through introductory footage from large panels and some bulletin boards that complete the didactic presentation.

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