The Manon's little house with ivy - Vinci (FI) -

The Manon's little house is in the historic centre of Vinci, a few steps away from Mario Ceroli's Vitruvian man. It was owned by an elegant German lady who used to come on vacation in Leonardo's village in the spring and leave in the autumn. Many tourists, who were intrigued by this beautiful facade covered with a lush green ivy, used to walk in front of it and find the elegant lady sitting outside under the shade, doing the crossword puzzle while sipping good wine with a glass goblet. It was nice to see her ( she died a few years ago at 90). She used to wear long but sober dresses and necklaces that enhanced her style and elegance. Everybody in the village was her friend. She didn't talk much but she was always smiling. Currently the facade is still intact and it is worth passing by to take a picture of it.

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