Via Medicea stage 1: From Prato to Artimino - Prato -

Via Medicea from Prato to Fucecchio: between history and legend, an evocative journey through the places of Medici. Via Medicea is an evocative route that starts from Medici Cascine of Prato to reach
Fucecchio, crossing the wonderful territories where the Medici lived, also represented by Leonardo
da Vinci in his paintings. Along the way there are three Medici Villas, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site,
villages, ridges and valleys, natural parks, archaeological sites and countless historical and artistic testimonies.
The Via Medicea strategically connects Via della Lana and Via della Seta to Via Francigena,
allowing those who travel it to combine the spaces of the Po Valley and Northern Europe with the spirituality of the 'Città eterna' (Rome). Via Medicea is a medium difficulty itinerary that can be done in 4 or more days. Crosses 7 municipalities and 3 provinces for a total of 78.3 km. The total uphill altitude difference is 2,145 m. Specific signs identify the route that develops mainly on local roads and CAI paths. FIRST STAGE
From the Medici Cascine of Prato to Artimino
Length: 19.2 Km
Altitude difference: 635 m
Duration: 5h 40 '
The first stage of the Via Medicea winds from Prato to Artimino, crossing the territory of Poggio a Caiano and allowing you to discover its beauties at a slow pace. The route starts at Cascine Medicee di Tavola and, crossing the Leopoldo II bridge, arrives at the Bargo di Bonistallo. From here, a step by step you come to discover the Medici Villa with its park, the historic center of the town, the church of Bonistallo with its belvedere. Leaving Poggio a Caiano behind and entering the Municipality of Carmignano, there are other historical emergencies of the noble family, such as the Medici conduits (the aqueduct that brought water from Montalbano to the villa of Poggio a Caiano) and the Villa Medicea 'La Ferdinanda 'of Artimino.

DurationDuration3:43 ORE (5 Km/h)
Total LengthTotal Length18,6 KM
Road surfaceRoad surfacesterrato-asfaltato
Physical effortPhysical effort★★☆☆☆

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