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The Leopold II bridge was built in 1833 by the architect Alessandro Manetti at the behest of the Grand Duke Leopoldo, to connect the Medici villa of Poggio a Caiano with the Medici Cascine, commissioned by Lorenzo De 'Medici in 1470. Leopold II bridge, also known as Manetti bridge, represents the first rope suspension bridge in Italy. Erected in 1833, it was actually the second Italian suspension bridge, since the previous year the Real Ferdinando sul Garigliano bridge had been erected, on the border between Lazio and Campania. But this one was held up by chains, while Manetti used the innovative idea of coiled wire ropes. The restoration and enhancement works of the bridge and the ancient route, ended in 2019, have allowed the wonderful bridge to reborn in a renewed form while maintaining some of the main architectural innovations of the time. A system of lights embedded in the structure enhances the arches and the walkway, ensuring excellent visibility for safe travel even in the darkest hours, as well as a beautiful scenographic effect even from a distance. So, the Leopold II bridge (also known as Manetti bridge) doesn't just look at the past. The new cycle and pedestrian footbridge is one of the main 'access doors' to the network of cycle paths of the agricultural park of La Piana and has given new life to one of the most important light mobility arteries in Prato.

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