The diver - by Laura Correggioli - Pieve a Nievole (PT) -

Feelings, emotions, visions, symbols, stimuli that activate our mind, our thoughts, our heart: that's Laura Correggioli's art.
The human subject, animated in his body and in his gestures, almost always female, is the main character of these works where the symbolic language communicates to the observer messages of a time that seems to slip through our hands.
The artist, on 25th April 2018, presented her painting 'The Diver' inviting people to answer the question 'what do you need to dive into life?' and inviting them to write their most important words; passion, joy, freedom, music, friendship, change, open-mindedness, work, trust, serenity, optimism, self-esteem, respect, lightness, independence, smile and ... donut: some of the words that attendees wrote.
The work was donated to the Municipality of Pieve a Nievole and is exhibited at the social center for the elderly.
It is also possible to view the canvas through the interactive museum

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