Don't forget about yourself - painting by artist Laura Correggioli - Pieve a Nievole (PT) -

La prevenzione del tumore al seno, a Pieve a Nievole diventa una campagna permanente.

In Pieve a Nievole the campaign on breast cancer prevention continues, which becomes permanent and uses art to sensitize the population about the problem.
As the matter of fact, the municipal administration commissioned the artist Laura Correggioli to create a completely unique painting, entitled 'Non ti scordar di te' (Don't forget about yourself).
Laura portrayed a woman and, in the background, a pink bench with a blue stick as a symbol that breast cancer affects women but also, for many reasons, men.
Symbol that also wants to encourage us to do both in terms of prevention and treatment.
The painting was placed in a room of the Casa della Salute.

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