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During the celebrations of the 500th anniversary of the birth of Cosimo I of the Medici and of the death of Leonardo da Vinci.
A path is born between Vinci and Cerreto Guidi as an ideal link between the two important historical figures, through the typical Tuscan countryside with the unmistakable cultivations of olive trees and vines.
With fascinating glimpses of those places that are traveled by the two famous historical figures.
From the Villa go down the Gradinata and proceed southwards, along Via Roma, through the S.P. 31 and you head towards piazza XX Settembre (piazza della fiera).
Continue in via Ripa to go down to the valley, at the crossroads we go north reaching via di Strognano and continue towards the valley of the Streda torrent, along the ex-provincial road of Streda in the direction of the built-up area of Vinci.
Go up via Casenuove to reach the town of Streda and continue along the street of the same name where the 'Leonardo da Vinci International Education Center for Solidarity' is located.
Continuing on the white road you arrive at the asphalt road of Via Cerretana, take it towards Vinci until you reach the junction for San Pantaleo.
Take via San Pantaleo for a few meters and then take the Romea Strata route (to the right).
With a small detour you can also reach the Church of San Pantaleo and return to the main route through the Via di Caterina.
Cross the hill of Ceoli with a unique look towards Vinci and pass over the overpass of via Collinare, going up to via Lamporecchiana, which you cross to take a white road after a few meters, which leads us to a suggestive entrance to the village of Vinci, the Androne Ciofi.
Go up, on the opposite side of the road to Via Giorgio la Pira, to reach the castle of the Conti Guidi.

DurationDuration1:50 ORE (5 Km/h)
Total LengthTotal Length9,2 KM
Road surfaceRoad surfacesterrato-asfaltato
Physical effortPhysical effort★★★☆☆

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