Anello mediceo n°6 - Sommiano - Cerreto Guidi (FI) -

From the Villa Medicea you descend via the Sdrucciolo, the last remaining door of the old castle of Cerreto Guidi, which opens to the north, towards Vinci and all the Montalbano.
Go along the S.P. 31 and enter via Leonardo da Vinci, section of the S.P. 105 of Toiano, and continue until you reach Villa Ciuti.
Turn towards the west, taking the local road of Via di Gugnai which passes by the homonymous farm and leads you towards the valley of the Rio Gugnai, which is a tributary of the Vincio stream.
Reached the torrent through a connection between the two banks you have the way to reach Via del Vincio, a path that follows the Vinci torrent up to the Padule di Fucecchio and joins the Via Francigena in Ponte a Cappiano.
From here, go up towards Case Bellucci along the ridge and along the road to Toiano, a local road to Sommino, return to Case Bandinelli, on the road S.P. 105.
Repeating the initial stretch on Via Leonardo da Vinci and returning towards Cerreto Guidi and crossing the door of the castle, Porta al Palagio, as the pilgrims once did, we will return to the Medici's Villa.

DurationDuration1 ORA (5 Km/h)
Total LengthTotal Length5 KM
Road surfaceRoad surfacesterrato-asfaltato
Physical effortPhysical effort★☆☆☆☆

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