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Poggio alla Guardia, a toponym that demonstrates the presence of the Lombards from the early Middle Ages; it is supposed to be a knoll on which Lombard sentries guarded the valley.
A hilly environment of great interest, with remarkable panoramic points, for which the establishment of a Protected Natural Area has been proposed by the Municipality of Pieve a Nievole.
Due to the exposure, the limestone outcrops and the limited use of the land, this hill is very different from the other surrounding reliefs; an almost immaculate tree cover makes Poggio alla Guardia truly precious from a naturalistic and ecological point of view.
The signs along the route, prepared by the Municipality of Pieve a Nievole, also document other naturalistic peculiarities linked above all to the Chirotterofauna (bats) that find important winter shelters in the quarries on Poggio alla Guardia, the presence that also testifies to a historical activity of extraction of the limestone.
In addition, in spring spontaneous orchids and other interesting herbaceous species bloom in Poggio alla Guardia.
The path allows you to reach Montecatini Alto hill by visiting the traditional countryside characterized by mixed crops and touching the famous 'Ponticino di Dante' to which the legend and history of the place is linked; Tradition has it that the Supreme Poet waited precisely on this bridge to know the outcome of one of the battles between the two opposing factions of Guelphs and Ghibellines that at the time also inflamed this area.
The circular route, with a total length of about 5 km, does not have particular technical difficulties, but has an uphill of about 230 meters; a supply of water and hiking boots is recommended.

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