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The term 'Montegattoli' derives from the Germanic word 'Watha', that is 'sentry post'. In fact a sentry post was built during the VIII century to oversee the road from Lucca and the sea. During the time, the fortalice became a fortified villa: here, in 1302, Bellanda from Montegattoli and her husband Giobbo da Montevetturino (now Montevettolini) were prisoned by Pistoians, because they were allied to Castruccio Castracani from Lucca. An epigraph commemoring this event is on the façade of the villa.
In XVI century Cancellieri, a rich Pistoian family, and than other important families (Gatteschi, Tolomei, Corsini) lived here.
A painting on wood, painted by Amedeo Laini from Pistoia in the XVI century, was discovered in the chapel of the villa. It represents the Madonna enthroned with Saint Simon and Saint Judas Thadeus.

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