Francini theatre - Casalguidi (PT) -

The theatre was unveiled on the 10th April 2005. Until this date, it was known as Eden theatre and cinema and it was used for many years before and after the II World War. But since 1975 many people didn't go to the theatres and cinemas because of the invention of TV. So it was closed for 30 years and it was unveiled again in 2005.

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c/o Saint Peter's church

43.868920°, 10.916980°



Always available

Ask to the town hall:
0573 917204 or

Ask to the Eden library:
0573 917414

Ask to the Francini theatre:
0573 526196 or


Ufficio Cultura Comune di Serravalle Pistoiese

Telefono 0573917204


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Associazione Teatrale Pistoiese

Telefono 057399160927112

E-Mail 0573 991609 – 27112

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