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Palazzo Forti is one of the most beautiful and evocative palaces in the city of Pescia. The massive volume of the palace includes the union of two houses of the Forti Family divided by an alley, for the closure and coverage of which a supplication was sent to the Grand Duke; in this plea Niccolò Forti offered 25 shields to cover the alley. The practice with the favorable opinion of Francesco Buontalenti was resolved at the price of 40 shields. We are in 1582, the time of the beginning of the works to unify the palace, whose facade, really rich and superb, completes it a few years later, in 1600. The decorations in serene stone with windows and portals on the facade, with volutes and garlands of flowers and leaves as on the windows of the ground floor, of elegant and refined taste even in the Baroque wealth, arouse astonishment. Some scholars during the years have been wanted to see these original drawings of Baroque style, made by Francesco Iuvarra, who at that time worked in Collodi in the beautiful villa of the Garzoni.

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Ruga Degli Orlandi, 42


43.903040°, 10.688010°



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