Church of San Michele Arcangelo - Pescia (PT) -

The oldest documents show how this church with the adjoining Benedictine Monastery already existed in 1173. Inside the building you can find the beautiful sixteenth- century table of the Annunciation, which is located on the main altar; the wooden statue of St. Michael of the 14th century, placed on a shelf adjacent to the windows of the Benedictine choir; paintings depicting the Archangel San Michele pierce the Devil and Saint Benedict, both by Uzzano painter Alessandro Bardelli (XVI-XVII century). Another work worth remembering is the eighteenth century painting by Innocenzo Ansaldi, representing Saint John of Nepomuk. The ancient choir of the nuns, placed above the current entrance area of the church, is also illuminated by a circular window adorned with a splendid stained glass window of the late sixteenth century, representing the Archangel Michael as he pierces the Devil. The stained glass window was commissioned around 1548 by Gaspero of Lorenzo Ducci from Pescia, who lived for a considerable period of time in the city of Antwerp and held many positions for Emperor Charles V. The oriented apse of the ancient medieval church, which today corresponds to the chapel on the left, is the choir with the sixteenth-century stalls, in the center of which is placed the interesting canvas depicting the Madonna Enthroned with the Child between Saint Benedict and St Michael, by the painter Brunetto Ippoliti (17th century).

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